A long walk

Some fun facts from Paris 1919, which I began yesterday.

“Koreans from Siberia set out on foot in February 1919 and by the time the main part of the Peace Conference ended in June had reached only the Arctic port of Archangel”

Quite the trek

“The souvenir penknives engraved with “Foch” and “La Victoire” being sold in France in 1919 had been made in German factories”

“In 1920, when an outside investigator asked a peasant in Belarus, on the frontier where Russians, Poles, Lithuanians, Byelorussians and Ukrainians all mingled, who he was, the only answer that came back was ‘I am a Catholic of these parts’ “

Finally, on having their proposed agenda for the Peace Conference, a long and meticulously prioritized list of items, rejected, a French minister saw this as

the instinctive repugnance of the Anglo-Saxons to the systematized constructions of the Latin mind.