Hardly a day goes by without the catalogue of social media’s harms expanding. Our smartphones are bridgeheads from which apps like Instagram undermine our self-esteem, attention span, sleep, mental health, and relationships.

One relationship social media has improved for me, is my relationship with art. Instagram has made it incredibly easy to discover art. Some friends have gone beyond discovery, and started to participate as customers as well; buying art directly from artists or small galleries has never been easier.

Which leads me to the artist Beeple, who I discovered today and could not resist sharing. His artwork is weird, irreverent, shocking, and profane. I love it. You can see an example to the left, but please go on over to his Instagram for thousands more. In a testament to the view that creativity is a numbers game, he has been creating a new image everyday for over 5000 days (you do the math).

His digital art has sold for millions through a new application of the Blockchain. You can buy something here for far less.

Check out his site here, and a write-up in Esquire here.

Thanks to Marginal Revolution for the heads up.

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