What I’m reading

My post on what one should read was quite popular, so I thought I would share what I am reading right now, as an illustration of the principles in action.

I usually try to pair an easier and harder read together. This once meant non-fiction during the day and fiction at night, but I increasingly prefer biography or history as my bedside reads. I usually have a Spanish novel at hand and read a few pages each morning to practice – it’s more interesting than Duolingo.

  • Una historia de amor y oscuridad – Amos Oz
  • Black Swan – Nassim Taleb
  • The Essential Keynes – Edited by Robert Skidelsky

What next?

Debt » Melville House Books
Easily the best cover on the ‘to-read’ list

Something appealing while browsing a bookstore on a sunny Saturday is not always what I feel like reading standing in front of my bookshelf on a Tuesday night. The solution has been to buy liberally, and have as many options as possible at home. Add to that Christmas, and my ‘to-read’ has swelled to a largely aspirational status. Still, I find it comforting to sit surrounded by little rows of colorfully bound and titled mysteries.

  • The Path to Power – Robert Caro
  • On the Genealogy of Moral / The Gay Science – Nietzsche
  • Debt – David Graeber
  • Assorted Poems – Keats
  • The God Delusion – Dawkins
  • The Mediterranean (Abridged single volume) – Fernand Braudel
  • Perdido Street Station – China Mieville
  • The lucky country – Donald Horne

To this must be added the impossible-to-catch-up-to pile of London Review of Books back editions. If you don’t already, you really should consider subscribing. It truly is the best magazine in the world.

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