The stab-in-the-back myth and Trump

On January 6th, Congress will receive the Electoral College’s votes to certify. This normally symbolic step will now be debated and voted on, following Republican Senator Hawley’s decision to object to the results. The vote is almost certain to meet the same fate as all of Trump’s attempts to overturn the election – failure. However, it will air his claims in Congress and force Republicans to take a loyalty test between the President or democratic norms.

The single sitting Republican to openly condemn this behavior has received front-page coverage in the Times, which only makes the the reticence – nay cowardice – of his colleagues stand out.

As I’ve discussed several times before, Trump is not going anywhere and the fact that the electoral system has resisted outright subversion only makes the consequences of his actions more difficult to pinpoint.

Will electoral fraud become the American Right’s ‘stab-in-the-back-myth‘?

Educational Film: Weimar Republic - Stab-in-the-Back Legend - YouTube

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