Guerrilla warfare

In the mid-October edition of the LRB, there is a review of several books on proxy wars. Nestled within a paragraph halfway down, I found a link to the Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare manual.

Written by the CIA for the Contras, their right-wing proxy in their 11 year guerrilla war in Nicaragua. Its an unusual read, you’ll notice a reference to Aristotle on the first page.

4 thoughts on “Guerrilla warfare

  1. Carlos Marighela back in the 60s wrote a manual for the leftist urban guerrillas that served to train guerillas in many countries in Latin America. Right and left trying to win the minds…, interesting, isn´t it?


    1. Interesting, I was not aware of the manual but it makes sense. Do you have a link? Maoism was quite explicit as well if i recall.


      1. Thanks Fernando, will look through that today. I appreciate the kind comment, I’m really glad that you’re enjoying it.


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