Eggplant yields

A new paper assessing the performance of genetically modified eggplant in Bangladesh finds:

Bt brinjal increased yields by 51% and reduced pesticide costs by 37.5%. Bt brinjal farmers marketed more output, sold at a higher price, incurred lower input costs, and, consequently, had higher net revenues (by 128%). Bt brinjal farmers used smaller quantities of pesticides, sprayed less frequently, and reduced the toxicity of pesticides applied by 42 to76%. Farmers growing Bt brinjal and who had pre‐existing chronic conditions consistent with pesticide poisoning, were 11.5% points less likely to report a symptom of pesticide poisoning and were less likely to incur cash medical expenses to treat these symptoms. All these benefits were derived from an open‐pollinated crop provided by a public agency.

If you are opposed to GM crops you are presumably against pesticide use as well. How do you feel about GM crops that reduce pesticide use?

All in all, news to put a spring in your step today.

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