Want to get outside your echo chamber?

Consider adding the Global Times, China’s major English newspaper, to your reading list. The Editorial Opinion section is especially interesting. It’s run by the Chinese Communist Party of course, but that makes it a potentially useful way to understand what the CCP is thinking, or what they would like outsiders to think they are thinking.

From an editorial on Australia-China relations:

Even apart from what it has done politically, the country is also very unfriendly to China economically. As Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Friday, since 2018, more than 10 Chinese investment projects have been rejected by Australia, citing ambiguous and unfounded “national security concerns”. Australia has launched as many as 106 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations against Chinese products, while China only initiated four investigations against Australian goods….

Australia is likely to be under less political pressures from the US on key issues with China, and whether the Morrison government will continue to play tough with China will largely steer Australia’s economic prospects.

We sincerely hope that Australia will take the opportunity to reflect on its attitude toward China on many important issues that affect the future of bilateral economic ties.

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