Tourist Traps

From a piece in the FT on how famous tourist destinations are adapting to the no-tourism normal:

But one restaurant, Camillo, seized the unique opportunity granted by the lockdown and quickly adapted to a new clientele: Romans who were starting to reclaim the empty city centre. When it reopened at the end of May, the old tourist menu had been replaced with a brand-new list of dishes, combining affordability, modernity and quality ingredients.

Main courses start at €7, smaller sharing plates are available and the owners also introduced the “Drinketto”, a takeaway aperitivo priced at €3.5 (compared with the €9 drinks served before lockdown) — a popular addition among the locals now venturing into the centre.

I assume rents have adjusted downwards as well.

I had a similar experience in Barcelona in September, with suburbs like El Gotico and El Born mostly devoid of tourists. While I was grateful I could enjoy the streets in peace, the owner of the Xurreria Dels Banys Nous told me that increased local traffic was not making up for the loss of tourist revenue. With more restrictions being introduced, the future looks grim.

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