Gun sales up in the US

The United States is a special place.

From a 3rd September piece in the Financial Times by Matthew Rocco:

Gun sales have historically trended upwards during presidential election years, as buyers hedge against potential action in Washington to tighten restrictions on sales. Demand has also risen this year in response to civil unrest in major US cities this summer, as well as uncertainty related to the pandemic and the economic turmoil that ensued, industry executives have said.

“Of course, there’s some portion of the surge that’s related to gun control regulation fears, but . . . a large portion of the demand is driven by folks who are just fearful of their personal protection and safety, starting with the pandemic and moving on to the civil unrest,” Mr Smith said.

In the face of societal breakdown and distrust, armed self-reliance is individually rational but collectively irrational; an accelerating and self-fulfilling prophecy.

This should be read alongside the increasing tendency of people to be armed at protests and the recent shooting of three people, 2 fatally, by an armed 17-year old at protests in Kenosha.

Source Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty

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