American Power

Watching the Godfather 2 the other night I was struck by the scene where the young Vito Corleone arrives in New York Harbor as an immigrant from Italy. As the Statue of Liberty comes into view, the passengers rush to the side and stand in rapt wonder. The camera pans past faces looking on in awe. The scene is an incredible demonstration of American power and self-confidence.

Compare that to the plot of any number of post 9/11 films, from the Green Zone, to Syriana, to Sicario. Compare it to American Carnage.

Now consider Wolf Warrior 2, one of the highest grossing films of all time that you’ve probably never heard of. The villain, ‘Big Daddy’ is the American leader of a ruthless group of mercenaries Dyon Corps. He is eventually defeated by none other than the Wolf Warrior himself, Leng Feng. The trailer is well worth watching.

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